Your Resource for Factory-Trained Surgical X-Ray Repair

Founded in Mandeville, Louisiana by Mark and Sandra Ardoin in 2004, Omni Imaging Service is focused exclusively on C-Arms from GE Medical (formerly OEC Medical). In 2021, Omni became a division of Tristate Biomedical Solutions (TBS). Our professionally trained staff redefines peace of mind, ensuring maximum uptime of your C-Arm.

As Louisiana’s most affordable X-ray sales, repair, and maintenance provider, Omni also reconditions and resells equipment, and repairs and sells parts nationwide. We are the experts when it comes to troubleshooting, repairing, and getting your OEC X-Ray equipment back up and running.


Where We Are

The Omni Imaging Division is based in Mandeville, Louisiana, and serves the southeast region of the United States. The parent company, TBS, is headquartered in Franklin, Ohio, and together with Omni, serves C-Arms across the U.S.

About TBS

Tristate Biomedical Solutions, LLC (TBS) has long served as a trusted C-Arm equipment and service provider. Tailored to meet the needs of medical facilities with a philosophy of “Excellence through Customer Service,” we provide our medical equipment customers with the prices, products, and advice that enable them to provide the highest level of patient care.

We provide peace of mind, supplying only the highest quality OEC X-ray parts and components and meeting all OEM standards. Additionally, we maintain C-Arm equipment for rent, lease, or partial lease-to-own.