OEC 9800 Monitor Upgrade

Extend the Life of your OEC 9800 X-Ray Machine

Monitor replacement upgrade consisting of high resolution, high contrast LED flat panel monochrome monitors. The replacement monitors are mounted on a multi-position monitor support allowing for increased work space optimization.


  • 19" Diagonal Anti-Glare Screen
  • 12080 x 1024 Screen Resolution
  • 1400 Nits Max
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • IPS with LED Backlight


  • 25 Degree Forward Tilt
  • +/- 120 Degree Swivel
  • Centering Transport Lock

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OEC 9800 Flat Panel LED Monitor Upgrade

These monitors are 19" diagonal, anti- glare, high-contrast monitors. Contrast ratio is 1000:1. These are monochrome monitors so you will not get a blue tint to your image. The straight monochrome LED monitors have exceptional quality. Some would even compare them to the 9900 monitors.

The OEC 9800 Flat Panel Monitor upgrade will extend the life of your OEC 9800 X-Ray Machine. Unlike other upgrade kits for these monitors, they do have motion. Tilting up and down 15 degrees, for a greater range of motion vertically.

These monitors also swivel 120 degrees to the left and the right. For safety and transportation the OEC 9800 Flat Panel Monitor upgrade also includes a locking center pin.

Replacement is easy to install, and comes complete with technician trays or essential procedure items.